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Mom Cast is a comedy about a single mom and her daughter who support each other through life’s challenges. Meet the cast and crew here.


Few television programs have the power to have such a profound impact on our lives as “Mom Cast.” Chuck Lorre’s endearing sitcom has a devoted following and has received favorable reviews throughout its run. This article will explore the journey of the “Mom Cast” cast, exploring the show’s impact, characters, and the reasons behind its massive success.

Origins of “Mom Cast”

“Mom” first graced television screens in 2013, captivating audiences with its fresh take on a comedy-drama centered around mother-daughter relationships. Chuck Lorre, the mastermind behind other successful sitcoms like “The Big Bang Theory” and “Two and a Half Men,” teamed up with Gemma Baker and Eddie Gorodetsky to bring this heartwarming tale to life.

Main Cast

  • Allison Janney plays Bonnie Plunkett: A witty and sarcastic former drug addict and alcoholic who works as an apartment manager. She is Christy’s mother and has a complicated relationship with her. She is married to Adam (William Fichtner), a former stuntman who is paralyzed from the waist down.
  • Mimi Kennedy as Marjorie Armstrong: A wise and compassionate older woman who is Bonnie’s sponsor and best friend. She is also a cancer survivor and a widow who has lost several husbands. She is the leader of the AA group that Bonnie and Christy attend and often gives them advice and support.
  • Beth Hall plays Wendy Harris: A timid and sweet nurse who is also a member of the AA group. She is often the butt of jokes from Bonnie and Jill, but she takes it in stride. She has a crush on Adam but respects his marriage to Bonnie.
  • Jaime Pressly plays Jill Kendall: A wealthy and spoiled socialite who is also a recovering alcoholic and bulimic. She is friends with Bonnie and Christy but sometimes clashes with them over their different lifestyles. She adopts a foster daughter named Emily (Julia Lester), who later moves out to live with her biological mother.
  • William Fichtner as Adam Janikowski: A former stuntman who becomes Bonnie’s boyfriend in season 3 and later marries her in season 7. He is paralyzed from the waist down due to an accident on set, but he maintains a positive outlook on life. He owns a bar called The Barrel, where he often hangs out with Bonnie and her friends.

Recurring Cast

  • Matt Jones as Baxter: Christy’s ex-husband and Roscoe’s father. He is a slacker and a drug dealer who often fails to pay child support or show up for his son. He eventually gets sober and remarries Candace, a wealthy woman who dislikes Christy.
  • Sadie Calvano as Violet Plunkett: Christy’s daughter and Gweneth’s mother. She is a rebellious teenager who gets pregnant at 16 by her boyfriend Luke She decides to give up her baby for adoption, but later regrets it and tries to get her back. She moves out of Christy’s house in season 3 and pursues a career in modeling.
  • Blake Garrett Rosenthal as Roscoe Plunkett: Christy’s son and Baxter’s son. He is a smart and sensitive boy who loves his parents but is often caught in the middle of their conflicts. He moves in with his father and Candace in season 4 but later returns to Christy’s house in season 6.
  • French Stewart as Rudy: The head chef at the restaurant where Christy works as a waitress. He is rude, arrogant, and sexist, but he occasionally shows a softer side. He has a brief affair with Bonnie in season 1, but they break up after he insults her.
  • Reggie De Leon as Paul: The expediter at the restaurant where Christy works. He is quiet, efficient, and loyal to Rudy. He rarely speaks, but when he does, he often makes sarcastic remarks.
  • Lauri Johnson as Beatrice: An elderly woman who is a regular customer at the restaurant where Christy works. She is friendly, cheerful, and generous, and often tips Christy well. She also has a crush on Adam and tries to flirt with him whenever she sees him.

Tackling Real-Life Issues

One of the reasons behind “Mom’s” success is its fearlessness in addressing real-life issues with sensitivity and humor. The show fearlessly tackles topics like addiction, recovery, family dynamics, and mental health, shedding light on the struggles many face in their lives.

Perfect Balance of Humor and Heart

“Mom” strikes a delicate balance between laughter and emotional depth, making it a standout among sitcoms. While the show is filled with laugh-out-loud moments, it doesn’t shy away from exploring the complexities of relationships and personal growth.

Impact on Society

“Mom” has had a significant impact on society by reducing the stigma around addiction and mental health. The show’s honest portrayal of characters going through recovery has resonated with viewers, inspiring many to seek help and support.

Legacy Continues

After eight successful seasons, Mom will bid farewell to its fans in 2021. While the show has concluded, its legacy continues through reruns, streaming platforms, and the hearts of its dedicated audience.


Mom is a show that mixes humor and drama and deals with important issues such as addiction, recovery, family, and friendship. Critics and audiences have praised the show for its writing, direction, and performances, especially by Allison Janney, who won two Emmy Awards for playing Bonnie. The show has also received several other award nominations and has a loyal fan base. The American Pie is an also a very good comedy drama serial.


When did Mom start and end?

Mom premiered on September 23, 2013, and ended on May 6, 2021. The show ran for eight seasons and 170 episodes.

Why did Anna Faris leave Mom?

Anna Faris, who played Christy Plunkett, announced her departure from the show in September 2020, before the start of season 8. She said that she wanted to pursue new opportunities and spend more time with her family. 

Who is the richest cast member of Mom?

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the richest cast member of Mom is Allison Janney, who has a net worth of $14 million. William Fichtner, who is worth $8 million, and Anna Faris, who has a net worth of $10 million, are her closest rivals in terms of wealth.

Is Mom based on a true story?

No, Mom is not based on a true story. However, some of the writers and producers of the show have personal experiences with addiction and recovery and have drawn inspiration from their own lives. For example, Chuck Lorre, one of the creators of the show, is a recovering alcoholic who has been sober for over 20 years. 

Are any of the cast members of Mom related in real life?

No, none of the cast members of Mom are related in real life. However, some of them have worked together before on other projects. For example, Allison Janney and William Fichtner co-starred in the movie The Perfect Storm (2000), and Anna Faris and Justin Long co-starred in the movie Waiting (2005).

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