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Michael B Jordan is single again after splitting from Lori Harvey in 2022. Look back at his dating history, including Kiki Layne and Cindy Bruna.


Michael B Jordan is one of the most popular and talented actors in Hollywood, but he is also frequently private about his love life. The Creed III star has linked to several women over the years, but he rarely confirms or denies his dating status. However, he did make a restriction for his most recent girlfriend, Lori Harvey, whom he dated for over a year before their breakup in June 2022. This article will explore the answers to these questions and more as we take a look at the life and career of Michael B Jordan.

Rising Stardom and Personal Life

As an actor, B. Jordan has had a remarkable rise to stardom. From his breakout role in “Fruitvale Station” to his representation of Erik Killmonger in “Black Panther,” he has won critical praise and a massive fan following. While his professional life is well-documented, Michael tends to keep his personal life relatively private. However, rumors and photographers often manage to sneak glimpses into his dating world.

Previous Relationships

In the past, B. Jordan has been linked to several high-profile celebrities and fellow actors. Speculations about his romantic involvement with stars like Lupita Nyong’o and Kiki Layne have made headlines. Michael and his alleged partners did not publicly confirm either of these relationships, though.

Public Speculations

It’s not uncommon for celebrities to be at the center of dating rumors, and B. Jordan is no instance. Social media and tabloids have been abuzz with alleged sightings and stories about his potential love interests. Fans and gossip enthusiasts often engage in wild speculations, adding to the intrigue of his dating life.

Keeping It Private

Despite the media attention, B. Jordan remains skilled at keeping his personal life under wraps. He rarely discusses his dating life in interviews and maintains a level of privacy that is admirable in the age of constant media scrutiny. This approach has only added to the curiosity surrounding his love life.

An Ideal Partner

As fans, we may have our thoughts about who would be the perfect match for B. Jordan. Some may dream of seeing him with a fellow celebrity, while others hope he finds love outside the spotlight. Regardless of our wishes, it’s essential to remember that celebrities are humans too, entitled to their personal space and the right to choose their partners.

Impact of Rumors

While dating rumors can be exciting for fans, they can also have an impact on the lives of the celebrities involved.  In addition, false theories and aggressive media attention can cause unnecessary stress and affect personal relationships. It’s essential to approach such gossip with sensitivity and respect for the individuals involved.

Finding Love in Hollywood

Dating a celebrity in Hollywood comes with its unique challenges. Additionally,  The constant spotlight, demanding schedules, and long-distance commitments can make it difficult to build and maintain relationships. Moreover,  B. Jordan, like many other stars, might be navigating these challenges in his pursuit of love. Here’s a look at Jordan’s dating history and who he is currently seeing: 

Catherine Paiz

Jordan’s first rumored romance was with social media personality Catherine Paiz in January 2014. The two were spotted getting cozy at the beach in Miami, but they never officially confirmed their relationship. Paiz later married Austin McBroom and had three children with him. In 2021, fans noticed an awkward interaction between Paiz and Jordan when they attended a basketball game together, and Paiz seemingly ignored Jordan.

Kendall Jenner

In May 2015, Jordan sparked dating rumors with model and reality star Kendall Jenner after they were seen leaving a Met Gala afterparty at the same time. Jordan later addressed the speculation in an interview with GQ, saying that he didn’t care about the racial backlash he received from some of his Black fans who wanted him to date a Black woman. “It’s the world we live in,” he said. “They see white and black. I don’t.”

Kiki Layne

After they reportedly flirted and kissed at a Sundance Film Festival party in January 2019, actress Kiki Layne and Jordan linked up. A source told Us Weekly that Kiki quickly moved to Michael’s table after they put them at separate tables. The source added that they were very affectionate and shared a few kisses. However, they never appeared together again, so their relationship seemed short-lived.

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey, the daughter of comedian and TV host Steve Harvey, was Jordan’s most public relationship. They began dating in November 2020 and made their relationship official on Instagram in January 2021. Harvey said in a July 2021 interview with Bustle that she met Jordan through mutual friends a few years ago and that she found him “cute” at first sight. However, they ended their relationship in June 2022, after a year and a half of dating. A source close to the couple told People that they broke up and that they were both completely heartbroken. “They still love each other,” the source said.

Current Status

Jordan is single and focusing on his career as an actor and director as of August 2023. He said in a February 2023 interview with Rolling Stone that he wants to be responsible and present with his potential partner, but he is open to finding love again. “It’s going to happen when it’s supposed to happen,” he said. “Of course, I think about it, but I want to try to be responsible with that, knowing how I want to be as present as possible.”


Michael B Jordan is a remarkable and admirable person who has achieved a lot in his life and career. He is not only a talented and successful actor, director, and producer, but he is also a generous and loving generosity advocate. As of now, he is not dating anyone at the moment, but he is open to finding love again when the time is right. Meanwhile, he has many exciting projects lined up for the future, and he is always looking for new challenges and opportunities.


Who is B. Jordan dating now? 

As of August 2023, B. Jordan is single and focusing on his career as an actor and director.

Who are some of the women that B. Jordan has dated in the past? 

Jordan has been linked to several women over the years, including Catherine Paiz, Kendall Jenner, Kiki Layne, and Lori Harvey.How long did B. Jordan and Lori Harvey date? 

  1. Jordan and Lori Harvey dated for over a year, from November 2020 to June 2022.

What are some of the upcoming projects that B. Jordan is working on? 

Jordan has many exciting projects lined up for the future, such as Creed III, Static Shock, Methuselah, The Thomas Crown Affair, The Liberators, 61st Street, and The Greatest.

What are some of the causes and initiatives that B. Jordan supports? 

Jordan is involved in various causes and initiatives that aim to make a positive difference in the world, such as Outlier Society, Dream It Real, Black Lives Matter, voting rights, COVID-19 relief, and more.

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